French Pastry Macarons

Macarons are delicately refined French confessions made of a meringue shell with a ganache or a buttercream filling. They come in many flavors and are of different colors that are savory. French macarons are small cakes with incredible reputation for being delectable and beautiful, but are incredibly temperamental to make. Shopping for them is considered to be a jewel of French pastries. Macaron originated in France and are now found all over the world, even in Galway.
It’s essential to know how the macarons should look and feel like because of the not so easy way of preparation. How should the macarons look then?


This is the second most coveted to talk about I the art of making macarons. Feet shows the kind of mistakes you’ve made when preparing and they value the kind and type of macarons you will have. The good feet be ruffled and should have small, delicate air pockets. Bad feet have messy, detached air pockets.


The macarons texture should not be crispy or super crunchy like biscuits. This can happen when the macaron shell is over baked. When storing them, to avoid stale macarons appearing hard, it’s good to place them in a tight container when putting in the fridge. Make sure when preparing no hollows appear, when the macarons have hollows they tend to break easily. The macarons body should have a crispy shell exterior with a nice fluffy interior.


You should have a nice healthy looking rise, not too flat nor too puffy. Fix a conversely and not so moist rise by adjusting the temperature and working on your folding techniques. Remember don’t over mix the batter is should fall slowly on itself.


Anything other than a round shape on the macarons is not accepted. Some of the thing that messes the shape are wrong pinning techniques and over mixed batter.


The macarons should not be under stuffed or over stuffed this will overwhelm the overall construction of your macarons. Pipe the filling, but at least leave a room for it to expand once it is assembled. A too much filled macarons makes it hard to eat with the filling spilling making it a messy treat.


The colour of the macaron shell should not be browned and spotty, instead it should be uniformed. Eat these and avoid spotty shell macarons.
If you know these simple but the most important essentials of what a good macaron looks like, then it will be easier for you to buy and get the macarons you want. A tasty macaron should be a unique combination of soft, crispy and chewy. Believe it or not, staled macarons taste better than fresh ones. Fresh macaron has shells that are crisped and fully cooked from the oven, when they stay for a day or two, they soften. The time stale time allows them to blend the flavor from the shells and the filling giving them a finger licking taste

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  • On 25th October 2016


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