Chocolate Drip Cakes

Who doesn’t love a cake that is just oozing and overflowing with chocolate? Yeah, pretty much nobody can resist this newest cake trend. Chocolate drip cakes are a heavenly experience, topped with your favorite ingredients and then flooded with chocolate ganache or loose icing to, as the name implies, give it a dripping look. The cake is a combination of aesthetic delight and mouth-watering goodness. No wonder why it’s the latest trend.

If you’re still unsure what it is, just imagine those cakes that look their chocolate is about to spill over onto the plate.

Drip cakes can come in so many different colors and themes. They really took off in 2015 and exploded this past year partly thanks to Sydney-based high school teacher turned baker Katherine Sabbath. The trend just keeps getting bigger, more elaborate and frostier! It’s hard to resist something topped with an adornment of sweets as if floating above a bed of chocolate. Letting the chocolate glaze down towards the bottom highlights the cake’s figure even more.

It’s a fun challenge trying to make the perfect drip. Use a glaze that is too wet and the drip will slide right off. Too think and you won’t get that right look. But thankfully, not making the perfect drip cake just means you can go ahead and try it again and again! Now that’s a great problem to have.

The best part of baking your own drip cake is that you truly have the versatility to be creative and the overindulgence to literally put all your best toppings on there. With so many flavors and combinations, it’s no wonder why this cake has become an international trend. It’s as fun to make as it is to eat. Well, almost…

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  • Posted by Diana
  • On 19th December 2016


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