Cake Pops – Why you want them at your next party?!

You know what your party is missing? That little extra pop – as in, #CakePops! Ever wanted to have that extra slice of cake, but you’re missing a fork and napkin? Well, a cake pop is the best of all worlds. You get the deliciousness of a real cake on a lollipop stick (hence the name) and you do so without having to worry about making a mess or needing utensils.

No wonder why every party needs them. Over the past several years, cake pops have become this trendy item to have at every party. They’re quite handy, delicious and easy to carry around. It’s no wonder why they didn’t take off sooner!

Cake pops are a trend that is here to stay. They’re the perfect complementary starter for any birthday party, family event or company gathering and they’re creative, fun and inspiring. You can even use leftover cake ingredients and have a potluck style feel for the pops or go the more traditional route and line those suckers up all nice and neat and coated in chocolate. Yum.

They’re versatile. Do you want sprinkles or frosting? Do you want them color-coded for a specific event? No problem at all, cake pops are wonderfully designed for this. Best of all, they’re incredibly cute! For the creative type, imagine having dozens of little creations you can pass around at your next party. You’ll really stand out.

So, yes, cake pops are the best of both worlds. They’re ready to go cakes. On a stick. Really the only problem your guests will have is having to find a way to get rid of the evidence of eating too many!

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  • Posted by Diana
  • On 19th January 2017


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