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For every couple, getting a baby is one of the greatest joys. Enjoying their child’s birthday is another plus to the bundle of joy. It is one amazing event that thrills the whole family. The first birthday, for instance, is one of the most amazing birthdays in the family. Most mothers at this time still recall all the events that occurred on the D-day like it happened just yesterday. It is simply a joyful day.

Try these amazing trends and decorations

If your child has grown to a certain age, you now know their favorite colors, shapes and items. Why not try to be creative enough and come up with cake shapes and colors that your child will love. This is the essence of their birthday, isn’t it?

For kids, the cake is more important than the food and the clothes bought for them on this day. You now know what to do, choose novelty birthday cakes for kids and let them feel special on this day.

Castle shapes

Your kids will surely find this shape amazing for their birthday cakes. Birthday cakes come in different shapes and patterns. Again, the color will depend on what your little boy or girl adores. Girls love pink and white while boys like blue. You know your baby better so go for what he/she loves.

Dump truck

You can bake a cake at home or order for one from cake shops in Galway. Either way, your boy will find this cake shape fascinating. You can have different colors for each of the truck parts such as chocolate for the stuff that will be loaded into the truck, and dark colors for the truck wheels. Your girl would not like this one so get a more girlish item.

Fish shape

Does your child love fish? Well then bake or order for novelty birthday cakes for kids in a fish or shark shape. You can have marshmallow or fruit leather to make the toothy grin. The idea is to amaze your baby in such a way that they will live to remember.


Pizza is one of the food or snack items that every child likes. You can order for a birthday cake that looks like pizza in such a way that the toppings take the shape and color of pizza. White cheese, chocolates and anchovies are a perfect topping.

You could also use cake pops arranged in different patterns. Whatever type of cake you choose to get for your child, make sure that it is something they love. Be creative.

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  • On 8th February 2017


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