Making tasty cake pops

Making tasty cake pops

Cake pop business has begun to pick up in recent years. Baby shower cake pops and wedding cake pops are the most common. People may order cakes online Galway for making the cake balls. The novelty cakes Galway is the reason why many opt to buy cake pops online. Others choose to make them as a way of showing their bakery skills. Most of the homemade baby shower cake pops are delicious and everybody enjoys them. This is however not always the case. Sometimes you may think you have made the perfect cake pops only to be proven wrong and have plenty left over untouched.

If you have ever been in such a situation, one needs to know how to make cake pops as those novelty cakes Galway has to offer. With each cake bite, one should taste the perfection and hard work put into it. In order to make the perfect cake pops, here are some mistakes you ought to avoid;

  • Too much frosting

Making cake pops is not as easy as most people think. One has to use the right amounts of ingredients for the best results. Too much frosting does not mean a perfect cake pop.  The amount of frosting depends on how moist your cake is. Since not everybody is blunt and honest enough to tell you the truth about your cake pops, ½ a cup of frosting is just what is needed. Perfect frosting can make even those who do not like cake pops become cake pop addicts.

  • Making big cake balls

Buying cake pops Ireland, you will note one thing; all the cake balls are small and consistent in size. The reason for this is to avoid a messy situation where the cake balls keep falling off the stick. Small scoops, but not too small, maybe 2” should do the trick. For consistency, you can get a meat baller with the desired size. This not only gives you perfectly shaped cake balls but also make your work a lot easier and much faster.

  • Overheating the candy

Having the candy coating melt until it is runny is a big setback. This will make your cake balls disintegrate and the cake pops can also fall off the stick. To avoid running in the final minutes as your guests await the tasty pops to buy cake pops online, make sure the candy coating is melted right. It should not be too thin or too lumpy.

These are mistakes that cake pops Ireland shops do not have. Of course, for the first time making the cake pops, the mistakes are inevitable. Avoid such mistakes to reach the perfection of cake pops Galway.


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  • Posted by Diana
  • On 7th March 2017

We've worked with him multiple times to create client gifts, and he goes beyond to create displays for the cake pops that are vibrant and fun and the pops themselves are inventive, beautiful and taste amazing.

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