Cream Tarts

Cream Tarts or Letter Cookies – The Most Trended Cakes on the Market.

We’re very exited to inform you that now you can order the Most Trended Cakes from Elite Cakes Boutique.

Are you looking for something special for a Birthday or any other Celebrations/Anniversaries in Galway? Elite Cakes Boutique would be happy to supply you with the most trended and delicious Cakes in Galway which are Cream Tarts. It is kind of a cake with lots of colorful fruits and flowers and the shape – not a typical round cake shape but a number or letter.

We can do for you any giant letters, giant numbers, and any shape you like. The cookie layers are crisp on the outside, yet soft on the inside. Top it with your favorite fruits and you have a perfect mouth-watering dessert. Please email us ( a design of your celebration or birthday cakes Galway, and we’ll be happy to consult with you.

This would be the perfect Birthday or Anniversary sweet present to make for that special someone.

We will be happy to help you to order your cake online!