Elite Cakes Boutique specializes in the unique incredibly fluffy, airy and easily digestible sourdough doughnuts. All doughnut fillings, creams doughnut, doughnut toppings, glazes, and jams are all made in house and fresh every day.


Elite Cakes Boutique’s delicious doughnut flavour combinations:

1) La Italiana – doughnut with whipped mascarpone cream, dark chocolate glaze, and chopped pistachios

2) Coffee & Doughnuts – doughnut with chocolate truffle cream, vanilla bean glaze, and coffee sugar

3) Choco-Pistachio (chocolate doughnut) – doughnut with chocolate truffle cream, dark chocolate glaze, and chopped pistachios

4) Summertime Special Cake – doughnut with fresh raspberry glaze and whipped banana cream

5) Sugar & Spice Cake – doughnut with whipped mascarpone cream and spiced sugar

6) Lemony Snicket – doughnut with lemon curd, whipped cream cheese, and confectioners’ sugar

7) Vanilla Confetti – doughnut filled with vanilla bean custard, vanilla glaze, and sprinkles

8) PB&J – doughnut with strawberry jam, vanilla glaze, and chopped peanuts

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Corporate Events Catering

Nothing perks up a long day of planning, conference talks, and team activities like an Elite Cakes Boutique Doughnut at your next corporate event.

Custom Toppers and Branding

Doughnut toppers are available in our dough bites, and they are a great way to add a personal touch to your order. The doughnut Galway toppers are thin white icing sheets printed with edible ink and are placed on top of the dough bites. You may send us an image of what you’d like printed on your doughnut Galway, or we can create a text-based design.

Celebrations and Wedding Catering

If you’re planning a wedding, birthday or other celebrations, we reckon your guests are gonna be pretty happy to see a bunch of Elite Cakes Boutique Doughnuts when they rock up! We’re flexible and have a variety of options of doughnut in Galway to suit your needs. Read on for further info, doughnut pricing, and examples.

Allergen Information

All of our doughnuts contain Gluten, Lactose, Egg Yolk, and traces of Soya, and they are suitable for vegetarians. However, we cannot guarantee that our doughnuts have zero contact with peanuts or nuts.

Our Doughnut Toppings

How do you achieve perfection? The right accessories will always boost already great taste, and the same should go for pastry treats. Take one gourmet doughnut and give it the exciting makeover of sprinkles to really create a sensation. Multi-coloured chocolate or any kind of sprinkles that excite the senses can add to the deliciousness that you’ll enjoy. Dressing up any kind of doughnuts with sprinkles can be just the right touch of celebration for any occasion.

  • Sprinkles (any shape or colour on your request)
  • Marshmallow
  • Shaved Coconut
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Chopped Almonds