]Look at those eye-catching, round and shiny, little colourful cookies. You could have tasted them or have seen them when you were on holidays in some French or Italian coffee shops, but now you could enjoy them right here, in Galway. The macarons are not only looking delightful, but they also taste delicious. They are not as hard as meringues but rather soft with the filling being absorbed by their shells and getting one delicious unit. With their colourful shells and yummy fillings, the macarons could make any party table look glamorous and desirable. Your celebration party guest would get curious about trying all the colours and fillings, and we have a pretty good choice to meet your taste preferences for macarons in Galway:

  • Funfetti- vanilla macarons with a zesty orange filling and colourful sprinkles all over it to make a really festive look.
  • Dark Moon – a shell with a pinch of ground coffee and a buttercream filling – a perfect start for the day!
  • Raspberry Choco – macaron shells with a touch of freeze dried raspberry powder and melting chocolate ganache to blend those two flavours in one unit. A delight indeed!
  • Salted Caramel – silky cream shells with flour de Sel melted in a caramel filling.
  • Victorian Sponge – a macaron miniature made of the vanilla shells and a perfectly creamy filling with a strawberry jam twist. You can’t go wrong with this classic flavour!
  • Oreo – macaron shells with oreo cookies crumbles and a chocolate or creamy filling.
  • Pistachio – Pistachio macarons are the best. The creamy pistachio flavour was made to be in macaron form (pistachio or choice filling).
  • Lemon – a zesty macaron with a lemon curd to blend two shells and a filling into a delight.
  • Matcha – a superfood booster option full of antioxidants and flavour.
  • Snowman – a Christmassy macaroon on a stick is not going to beat a mince pie but to invite you in a Christmas wonderland full of dreams that come true
  • Lavender Honey – a blueberry (black currant) macaron with creamy filling and blueberry/blackcurrant jam.
  • Macaroons are gluten-free by nature, they could a perfect treat for those who needs to keep an eye on those tricky

Macarons in Galway are so light, miniature, and delicate, and it would be nearly impossible to stay away from them. Macaron could go in a box or even on a stick like our Snowman macaron does (macaron pops).

  • Our macaron prices start from €1.50 each.
  • There is a minimum order of 20 macarons pops per flavour.
  • All-natural and gluten-free

You would be surprised how clean the table is when they all gone – no party could have some of them left on the table.

Feel free to contact us if you have some ideas out of our range of macaron flavours. We are here to meet your needs of macarons in Galway!