Mixed Sweets Chocolate Drip Cake

Available only in Co. Galway


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Cake Size

2”x1” Party Slices

1”x1” Finger Slices

6" Cake

6-8 slices

12-16 slices

7" Cake

10-13 slices

20-25 slices

8" Cake

15-18 slices

30-35 slices

9" Cake

20-25 slices

40-45 slices

10" Cake

30-35 slices

60-65 slices

11" Cake

40-45 slices

80-90 slices

12" Cake

50-55 slices

100-110 slices


*ALLERGY INFORMATION: Unless otherwise noted, products contain milk, wheat, soy and egg, and were produced on equipment that processes peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts. Our facility is not Gluten Free

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